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HIST A363: Survey of Indiana HistoryJOUR J210: Visual Communication19) Lisa   Zwicker12)   Lee Smith11) Shawn   Nichols-Boyle  EDUC G585: Contemporary Issues in Counseling    German / World Language Studies

    MusicTesting and Proctoring Center14)   Kevin GillenWant to earn college credit toward a university degree but don’t have the time to attend classes on-campus? IU South Bend’s online education program was designed with you in mind. You can take courses online wherever you have a good Internet connection with your computer – at home, coffee shop, etc.  Many of the courses needed to complete your undergraduate or graduate degree are available.16) Dennis   WolfRead Whole Story


18) Liguo   Yu

15) Harry   Vasilopoulus 

Dr. Marianne Castano Bishop

4) Kevin   Gillen

15)   Tom Murphy

9) Tom   Murphy  

8)      Raj Kohli

    History/Art History

    Secondary Education and Foundations of Education

GEOL G219: Meteorology

6)      Bruce Watson

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    History; Women and Gender Studies


HIST F300: Issues in Latin American History

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GEOG G110:  Intro to Human Geography

2)      Gabriel Popescu

    Mathematical Sciences

SPCH S440: Organisational Communicating    Alveolar Pedagogy10)   Henry Scott1) Michelle   Bakerson 5) Marsha   Heck3) Kathy   Doerscher

Center for Online Education

7) Jeff   Luppes

5)      Kim McInerney

    Finance and International Business

HIST H105: American History I

4)      Larry Lambert

As a student taking either a fully online or hybrid/blended (combination of online and on-campus classes) course, you get the same high quality education with courses designed and taught by the same professors who teach in our classrooms. You study at your own pace and convenience while meeting submission deadlines for your course requirements (such as assignments, projects, and exams) each semester.  It’s an ideal situation for:

REL R220: Introduction to New Testament

    Biological Sciences and Computer Science/Informatics

1)      Hayley Froysland

3)      Robert Stockman

BUS F301: Financial Management

EDUC A515: Teacher Development and Evaluation

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SPCH S427: Cross-cultural Communications

SPCH S121: Public Speaking

9)      Matt Marmorino

2) Elizabeth   Bennion

13) Rick   Seniff

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8) Jennifer   Muniz

10) Murli   Nair

17) Haiyan   Yin 

Read Whole StoryHow education will serve a rapidly changing global economy has continually become a more pressing issue. This is no less the case in Latin America.Current methods of education, and evaluating academic achievement, are causing long-term damage to people and communities, with the greatest impact occurring in people of color, and in low-income areas.New York Times declared two thousand twelve as the year of the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). It was the year when Udacity, Coursera and edX, the three leading MOOC companies, took the education world by storm and promised a lot.Read Whole Story

CHEM N390: Raw Humanity – Nanotechnology    EnglishFor more info, delight liaison the Gateway Info Essence https://www.iusb.edu/gateway/contactus.php or birdcall (574) 520-4135summer two thousand fifteen online development seminar cohort or netmail sbinfo@iusb.edu.    History6) Diane   LemanskiStudents interested in taking placement exams for Math, English and World Languages, please go to https://www.iusb.edu/exams/index.php     Criminal Justice

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We have got to empower, educate and support these young women and their kids. We must show them that there is a way and that people do care and are willing to help.

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The exorbitant cost of higher education is a recurrent topic of conversation, concern, and discontent these days. Against that backdrop, an announcement from edX and Arizona State University caught my attention last week.

Organizational titles have changed over the years and new ones have emerged like that of Chief Learning Officer (CLO) in response to the challenges and opportunities within the global business environment.

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In 2014, I wrote that the “currents of change have propelled the sector toward, or onto, one rock after another.” Two years later, higher education continues to evolve.

For developing nations in particular, opportunity lies in the minds of its inhabitants.

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Most importantly, youth inhabitants.

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Technology has become further integrated into the daily operations of most Australian schools.

It’s three a.m. and the emails are coming in fast and furious. My iPhone is pinging like a Vegas slot machine that’s come up all cherries. What’s th…

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I don’t think that brick-and-mortar universities will be obsolete soon, but can definitely become better with new initiatives like BreadX. Technology is never a substitute, but a complement to make things better.

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11)   Tim WilligFOR SPRING two thousand fifteen CALL FOR PROPOSALS, nineteen faculty members were funded to develop online and hybrid/blended courses. You can also find these hyperlinks on the left-side gray column above. Meet our eight Fall two thousand fifteen Faculty Cohort who successfully completed the Distance Education Course Development Seminar facilitated by the Center for Distance Education staff.  They are (L to R): Bruce Watson (Education), Micheline Nilsen (Art History), Gabriel Popescu (Political Science), Tami Martinez (Communication Studies) Tom Murphy (History), Timothy Willig (History), Hope Smith Davis (Education) and Kevin Gillen (Communication Studies).     Computer Science13)   Tami Martinez

Amid hardship, a small but growing and innovative schooling initiative has blossomed in this Kenyan refugee camp, giving residents an opportunity at something many thought unattainable in the East African desert — a higher education.

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The thing voters need to ask themselves is: Who do they believe has the best interests of their child in mind more — the person who interacts with them every day and is part of their local community, or the corporate CEO five hundred miles away who answers to an unelected board and investors?

Imagine this scenario: Instead of a judge sentencing an offender to hundreds of hours of community service while behind bars, they are sentenced to h…

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College and universities have always had mottos, usually expressed in Latin, that captured the essence of their missions — truth, light, reason, and other words that drilled the purpose of education down to its essence.

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Technology has transformed every aspect of our lives, but its current capacity and future potential to transform education and the very way children learn may yield its greatest results yet.

“Whilst access to a school is obviously still required for training, today no aspiring teacher should be denied entry to the profession as a result o…

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I have worked for CAVA for eight years — since my oldest son was nine months old. For several years I recommended CAVA to homeschooling friends and colleagues with young children.Read Whole StoryWhile a few naysayers may remain, online learning models are here to stay and the quality debate between online and campus learning will continue to fade.This morning I was walking on the sea shore on the outskirts of Rome, in the city of Ostia, where I find some time to relax and recharge my batteries.You may be wondering why I am constantly emailing or texting you when you miss an assignment. There are many reasons why I do this, and it isn’t because I like to nag. But first, I want to clear something up.

The entire teacher workforce can now collaborate nationally on innovations in practice that address the problems they encounter in implementing a new curriculum.

Then things began to change.Read Whole StoryAs I began to look into this question a bit more deeply, the answers and arguments I discovered seemed as uninformed or contradictory as those surrounding massive open learning.Read Whole StoryRead Whole StoryRead Whole Story

    Communication Studies7)      Joseph CampbellEDUK K205: Introduction to Exceptional Children14) Hope   Smith DavisFor FALL two thousand fifteen CALL FOR PROPOSALS, fifteen faculty members were approved to develop fully online courses.For inquiries, suggestions and comments, please contact any of the CDE staff listed in the “Contact Us” or email DEiusb@iusb.edu12) Micheline   Nilsen

“As global engagement inevitably continues to increase, schools of the future will be leaders in reaching across borders and oceans through these te…